Stained Glass Windows

Saturday, August 12, 2017
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It seems like I would have done a post about stained glass windows already, but I've looked through the archives and can't find one.

At any rate, the enormous mosaics of colored glass are amazing in their detail and artistry. These images show effects of the settings of stained glass windows, as well as details from them. There are more examples after the jump.


Morgan said...

I think what strikes me most about beautiful buildings like these isn't really the beauty itself, but the obvious desire the builders and artists had to make them so. In the best examples, it shows in every detail.

ambisinistral said...

Yes, the amount of effort and detail they put into older buildings, particularly cathedrals, is amazing. One of the stained glass windows by itself takes considerable talent and time to create. Add to it all the other windows, the stonework and the planning and they are truly impressive structures. A testament to their builders.

Amit Sharma said...

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