Saturday, May 04, 2019

A visit to Moldova

Above a fellow tours Kishinev, the capital city of Moldavia. Apparently Moldavia is the least visited country in Europe, and after his tour I can see why. It is a pretty run-down and depressing looking place.

Below he takes a Moldovan road trip to a dot on the map in the countryside called Ratus. On the trip he listens to Moldavan pop music on the radio, rides in an old Lada as well as a horse drawn cart and muses at an abandoned Soviet bus stop. Ratus ends up being a sleepy little village, but the Moldovans met along the way are friendly and much more cheerful seeming than those in Kishinev.

I'm also pretty sure, but not certain, that Bald and Bankrupt -- the fellow who made the videos -- was the traveling companion of the guy who showed us the roadside cafe on the way to Jaipur.

Finally, inspired by the pop music on the radio I bring you a video of Moldova's Dan Balan's Chica Boom in which a stylish pop star, I assume he's Dan Balan, sings 'chica boom' over and over while a young lady undulates around and sings her lyrics in English while pouring water over herself and so-forth. Uh... it may be slightly NSFW.

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