Sunday, May 26, 2019

Making tater chips in India

Jaymukh, the father of the Village Food Factory YouTuber, makes a batch of potato chips. After frying them, he seasons them with chile powder and salt. Then they package them and they hand them out for the villagers to enjoy. At the link are many other videos of Jaymukh cooking various dishes.

You can read more about the father and son pair making the videos at the New Yorker article, The Indian Filmmaker Who Made His Dad’s Village Cooking a YouTube Sensation. From the article:
Like the other addictive food videos ... the videos on Village Food Factory have their own formula for viral appeal, built on Jaymukh’s quiet, matter-of-fact way of preparing large quantities of food with the scantest equipment. Jaymukh hacks down shrubs with a machete to make space for himself to cook, and lugs huge branches from nearby trees to build his fires. He makes homemade coconut oil by methodically cracking open a hundred coconuts, and scrambles hundreds of eggs in a kiddie-pool-size pot. In the channel’s most popular video, he drops two hundred pieces of chicken into a deep vat of oil for a K.F.C.-style preparation.

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