Friday Links

Friday, September 12, 2008

Russian bombers in Venezuela.

Honeybees do the wave.

Feminism's greatest leap forward since Madonna.

What Google can do to your stock price.

The secret pop vs. soda civil war.

The next generation of neural nets.

Dreaming of a better world.

10 underground lakes and rivers.

Has Obama's Minsky moment already come?

How Bush forcefully muzzled the cur.

September 11th on the New York subway.


Susan said...

Dropped by to thank you for linking to the giant honeybee story (I hope folks go all the way to the end of the text--don't get me started on the web design--and look at the weird video of the bees waving). Now that I'm here, though, I see all kinds of fun stuff, like the pop vs. soda map. I've had several conversational fender benders on that point. Thanks for posting some fine amusements.