She shoots...she scores

Sunday, September 07, 2008

This is all just good good to be true. Sarahcuda clinches the 1982 Alaska High School Women's Championship with a free throw at the end. And get this.
Hollywood couldn't have written a more dramatic script for Sarah Barracuda than her final basketball game. It was a David-and-Goliath match-up, with Wasilla the underdogs. The state championship was on the line, and Sarah was suffering from a fractured ankle.

"You've got to discipline yourself, you've got to push yourself to the max, so I think she showed that mental toughness," Nelles said.

She played through the pain. The Warriors were leading in the dying seconds, but their opponents were fighting back. Sarah was fouled.

She had the chance to clinch the game, and the state championship.

"Sarah Heath goes to the free throw line...the Warriors are ten seconds away from the 1982 state championship!"

Coolly, she made the throw.

"Sarah's shot is in there! Sarah just aced the game for the Wasilla Warriors!"


Doug said...

When has she missed?

The Michael Jordan of politicians.

Doug said...

Video Recommendation:
Robin Williams
"The Best of Times"
(Very close to my cultural upbringing)

Doug said...

A Female Pete Rose.
...that doesn't gamble.

Doug said...

The always embarassing Joe:

YouTube - Biden on Debating Gov. Palin

"Deadly Errious"

Knucklehead said...

This whole Palin thing is just getting to be good fun!

BTW, My Better Two-Thirds really didn't know who Biden was prior to Obama picking him. She's been paying some attention since. Her take? "He's going to say something really stupid and insulting to women when he debates her. You can just see it on his face - he's in love with himself." I can't 'splain his self-love logically leads to saying something stupid and insulting to women in a debate with Palin, but heh, she's been correct far too often, despite what appears to me to be lack of logical connection, to argue with.

Knucklehead said...
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Doug said...

John Fund: Obama sends a mini-army of lawyers to Alaska to go after Palin

Barry Dauphin said...

The lawyers are going to check the tape of the game to see if she had her foot on the line when she made the free throw.

Doug said...

And if the Taser had any batteries in it.

Doug said...

Video - Biden Gaffe: Asks a Gentleman in a Wheelchair to Stand Up ...