Sunday Links

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Use the Internet 21 times, pay $19,370.

The windiest spot on the planet.

Fighting the real enemy.

Killing cancer with nanoboats.

65 mpg—but only in Europe.

The sustainable political narratives.

You are your walk.

A glimpse of the new Republican party.

Is "junk" DNA the secret of our success?

Let the crowd settle your disputes.

Stalking the central black hole.

Urban sprawl is not the problem.

No free speech if we don't like your speech.

Remembering is like reliving.

Sleep is the new sex.


Heather said...

DRIED FROG PILLS: these are actual tranquilizers used by sensitive folk who live on the DiscWorld. Author: the best comic writer in the world, Terry Pratchett. (OK, there's Wodehouse, too.)

Wordpress more or less continually beats me, so I have wandered over here to pass this info on..

MeaninglessHotAir said...

Good to see you again Heather.