ObamaCare -- a return to house calls?

Tuesday, August 11, 2009
Obama's remarks about the postal service got me thinking... why not combine ObamaCare with the Post Office to form a new Federal Agency to handle both?

It would not only be super efficient, it would also extend much needed, and healthy, competition for not only UPS and FedEx, but also to BlueCross/Blue Shield and other major insurers.

Also, along with your mail, you could get medical house calls to aid you with your coughs, colds, bumps, bruises and end-of-life planning.

Finally, if Obama played his cards right in appointing the first Surgical Post Mistress General, he could solve the problem of African students getting yelled at for asking about you-know-who.



PatriotUSA said...

What a great idea! The new organization could deliver your assisted suicide medication right to your door. Obamacare is a recipe for disaster just like cap and trade, and cash for clunkers programs.

talnik said...

And then they could haul you away to the Soylent Green factory.

chuck said...

Gives new meaning to "It's in the mail."

Knucklehead said...

It is interesting to wonder what reaction I'd have if that showed up on my doorstep. I'd probably control myself just short of apoplectic (apolplepsi?) I'd need some healthcare fersure.

I read somewhere today that one of the shady facist astroturfing organs is recruiting those $15/hr dickheads and, well, whatever the female version might be, to wander neighborhoods in my state. I am not prone to praying but I immediately said (to myself of course), "Please, God, please send one to me! It will be just like that poor dumb asshole who walked up and rang my doorbell about AGW. I stood there with my lunatic 70lb bitch barking at him and 'splained how I thought he was a dummie being used by greedy scumbags. He didn't seem to believe me. Maybe someday in his distant future he'll stop a moment and think, "How could I have been as stupid as that guy with that feakin' whackjob dog told me I was?"

The dog looks scarey but she ain't even a little nasty. Its just that little bit of pit and muscle and, well, that smiling bark of hers.

Barry Dauphin said...

This would be the perfect way to send granny her DIY hip replacements when the quality of life panel denies them. Go USPS!

Or we could turn closed post offices into government hip replacement facilities for granny. Either way, it's a winner.

brain said...

Here's the funny top Glenn Beck finalist political satire spoof video making fun of Obamacare, and the progressive view of their "New America:" New America Video by NarfBiscuits