Roh-oh! Bill might be in trouble again...

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

...but this time not with Hillary.

In addition, individuals interviewed during the Review identified other techniques that caused concern because DoJ had not specifically approved them. These included the making of threats, blowing cigar smoke, employing certain stress positions, the use of a stiff brush on a detainee, and stepping on a detainee's ankle shackles.


PatriotUSA said...

This is a witch hunt against Bush and Cheney. It is not enough that these men have been trashed and sullied every day when they were in office and now out of office. The demosocialistacrats are once again demonstrating they are not over the Bush years and they will never be. The mullah obamaham and his cronies have once again been exposed as liars on this issue.

I personally think any and all 'techniques' should be used against TERRORISTS(oops, I said the forbidden word again. Someone please, turn me in as one of mob) and if saves one American life, one free persons life, then it is well worth it. waterboard the TERRORIST scum bags 500 times if gets them to finally talk. OOhhh, cigar smoke catepillars in box, saying threatening things. Get them before they get us. What is this going to do to those who are true patriots, who love this country who work at the CIA? This administration is out to neuter this agency and take down Cheney.
This will help us in the eyes of the world? To be like french cowards and the dhimmi stooges that
run England? Yeah, sure.

I would love to see this get dragged back slimey Bill and his band of fruit whips. He is pretty slick though and Obama may protect
Bill and Hilary to keep this from
staining his 'image'. What a waaste of time and money. But Obama has proven he could care less about that. I won't even start on Eric Holder except that he is a vile and pathetic man.

ambisinistral said...


I think Holder's CIA investigation will have no legs. I suspect the vat number of Americans could care less that we scared some terrorist by threatening to drill a hole in his head to get him to talk.

And the indignant sputtering about blowing cigar smoke into their faces pretty much makes the whole thing a farce. It's like the old comedy rule of threes, where you follow the first two items in a list with something ridiculous as a punchline.

My real worry about Obama isn't that he is some sort of an eeevil genius. He strikes me as an empty suit that likes the pomp and circumstance of the office far more than governing.

What bothers me is that somebody fast tracked him through the Chicago machine. Further, his endless obfuscation of his past make one suspect their is some definite dirt in it.

Whoever fast-tracked him knows that dirt. They'll hold that over him and feed him to the meat grinder in the process as long as they can loot our Treasury.

I fear there are going to be a whole lot of people who make Bebe Rebozo look like a piker by the time the smoke of this administration clears.

Barry Dauphin said...

Perhaps the current administration is blowing smoke in all our faces (i.e., if you pay taxes)