Cry me a river...

Thursday, September 09, 2010
A preacher with a minuscule congregation in north Florida threatens to burn a Koran and idiocy ensues. 

Would I burn a Koran? No. 
Do I care if a Koran gets burned? No. 
Do I want the Arab street to dictate the shape of tolerance and the limits of free speech? Hell no.

I'll end this brief post with a word to our political leaders who feel they have to preemptively apologize about this -- STFU already. Americans aren't ashamed of the First Amendment,  Terry Jones is an inconsequential lout, and walking on eggs won't keep the Cartoonophobes from blowing a gasket over some perceived slight or another.

Besides, it's not like they have a good track record when it comes to this sort of thing...

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Knucklehead said...

THANK YOU, Ambi! I wanted to find time for a YARGB rant about this but it didn't happen.

I have reached my limit when it comes to listening to people fret over upsetting the splodeydopes and the legions of alleged moderate muslims. Screw 'em.

If some twit wants to burn an American flag the line of defenders runs four times around the nation's borders. If some other twit wants to burn a koran - OH NO! Can't to that, the the asshat medieval cult of murdering misogynists and pederasts will get upset and even more violent.

And My Fellow Citizens sit and take threats from the Imam of The Cordoba "Peace Center" - oh, we have make sure they build it there, or closer, now 'cause if they don't the fucking pissant mussies will get EVEN MORE VIOLENT.

Islam is incompatible with the First Amendment. One or the other has to go and I know which I'm standing behind.