Don't worry, the UN is on the case

Monday, September 27, 2010

We can all sleep a little easier with the news that the UN has appointed Mazlan Othman, a Malaysian astrophysicist, as Earth's official Walmart Greeter Space Alien Ambassador.

Presumably, she's the one who approaches the alien craft with a broad smile and promises of peace. Of course, as a connoisseur of B Movies I know this just means she is slated to be the first Earthling to be fried by a death ray or turned into a pod person. Ah well, better her than me.

Regardless, I certainly hope the US has bumped up its contribution to the UN to cover the salary of this most important UN official.


talnik said...

"Malaysian astrophysicist",
bah humbug! Everyone knows physics doesn't (don't?)apply in Malaysia. More likely she is tasked with joining the aliens and the U.N. to defeat the U.S. and Israel in exchange for a territorial governorship (for the U.N.).

ambisinistral said...

The UN is hopelessly broken. The Moslem voting block took it over and it is getting increasingly ridiculous. They control virtually every one of the bogus committees that place runs.

The best suggestion I've ever hear is to downgrade our representative from a full ambassador to a minister (or whatever we call the rank below ambassador) and significantly cut back out funding to show we don't take it seriously.

Sadly, cobbling together another organization is probably undoable because it is doubtful we could maintain a veto which would make it worse for us when it inevitably went to hell also.

Barry Dauphin said...

And to think they passed up Biden for the job.