An auspicious day

Thursday, September 16, 2010
Due to the importance of this date, this post needs to be reflective, engaging and thought provoking. 

Alas I'm writing it, and me being me, it will veer off into silliness instead. Sorry about that.

To the left is a photo of a person dressed up like a pinata, who has given his girl friend a baseball bat. That strikes me as being an extraordinarily bad idea, what with the natural urge to whack pinatas. Better safe than sorry, if you ever feel the urge to dress in that costume -- don't.

At any rate, why am I claiming this date is so important? On this date five years ago MeaninglessHotAir posted the very first post to this blog. The blog was a group blog started by people who commented at Roger Simon's pre-Pajamas Media blog. Since then some people have joined it and others have moved on.

So to all our post authors over the years, Roger who inspired us, our commenters, lurkers and one time visitors -- heck even to the Chinese spambots who inflate our modest traffic --  I hope you'll join me in wishing a Happy Fifth Birthday to our little corner of the internet.   


Jenny the Pirate said...

Happy Fifth Birthday! Keep up the good work.

Knucklehead said...

I only wish I had something to contribute - y'all have been great.

BTW, while not nearly as potentially lethal as a baseball bat, that wiffle ball bat can inflict pretty intense welts and bruises and, of course, put somebody's eye out I suppose.

Speaking of baseball bats, I've often wondered where the mobs du jour in the far-flung corners of the world find their endless supply of 'murrican flags to burn at a moment's notice. Always perplexed me.

But even more perplexing is where similar mobs in similarly far-flung places find the baseball bats that turn them into the ubiquitous gangs of baseball bat weilding youths? Is there a Sports Authority or two in Gaza and, if so, why on earth would they stock large numbers of baseball bats? I mean, the Jewish community around my neck of the world like to play modified fastpitch softball in the summers but they do that stuff over there, do they?

Barry Dauphin said...

And we should start raking in some of that Internet cash any day now ;>)

Luther said...

Well, I tell ya. I miss that old group. What a smart bunch of folks.

And I want to thank you, Ambi, for carrying all the load nowadays. You've done a fine job with the place.