All work and no play

Tuesday, February 22, 2011
If you're so inclined, take a break from the news of the day and play The Great Gatsby for NES

It is an old school side scroller with pixelated graphics and 8 bit music honking away in the background. You toss your hat to kill butlers and flappers, and jump to collect coins, better hats, martinis and other power-ups as you progress through the levels.

I've made it through the party and the garden to a cut scene that made no sense to me, then found myself battling birds and whatnot on top of a train. Entertaining foolishness that is nostalgic in its presentation of retro gaming and, I suppose, in its view of the Great Gatsby. 

For those interested, the Kotaku article How The Great Gatsby Became A Long Lost NES Game explains how the game came to be written, as well as several screen grabs from the game.