Can Illinois Junior Senator Barack Obama Take America Where We've Never Been Before? -- New York Magazine

Monday, December 04, 2006
Can Illinois Junior Senator Barack Obama Take America Where We've Never Been Before? -- New York Magazine: "“One good test as to whether folks are doing interesting work is, Can they surprise me?” he tells me. “And increasingly, when I read Daily Kos, it doesn’t surprise me. It’s all just exactly what I would expect.”"



chuck said...

Why would he read Daily Kos in the first place?

I'm a bit tired of these early hagiographies, let us see what the man can do. As the interviewer remarks, Obama is very green, it would be good for him to marinate for another 6-10 years. And frankly, I would value a great legislator almost as much as a president. There haven't been many lately.

David Thomson said...

Barack Obama is seriously contemplating a run for the presidency. He knows he must push away the Daily Kos folks from his front door. It's the right first move. What about the second?

MeaninglessHotAir said...

Anyone reading Daily Kos is inherently suspicious.

loner said...

I've written before that anyone who thinks they might have a shot at winning the presidency would be crazy to pass up the unique opportunity that the 2008 race presents.

For the first time since the luckiest man whose name ever followed the title, while on vacation, said:

I do not choose to run for President in 1928

you have a situation in which neither the sitting President and/or Vice President will be a candidate for one of the major party nominations up through New Hampshire.

78 years and 19 campaigns later my response to the title question: Why not!

Knucklehead said...

It will take a while to wade through 7 or 8 pages of New Yorker puff piece about Obama.

I'm not sure that Daily Kos being unsuprising to him is a good thing. I'll listen to reason but I'm missing it. I know what to expect the few times I've clicked there and read something but the level of idiocy and anger always surprise me even though I expect it.

Syl said...

Obama has spent only two years in the Senate and his voting record is NOT centrist. Not at all.

He's trying to appeal to the center, whatever the heck that is.

I see this hysteria over Obama as simply the relief Dems feel that there may be somebody besides Hillary to get excited about.

Not that there's ANYBODY in the current mix of candidates on either side I'm even slightly interested in except, perhaps, Rudi.