The damage begins

Monday, December 04, 2006
For all the yapping about it there is precious little damage the Dems could do before they were actually sworn in and capable of casting votes. This, however, is one of the few truly damaging things the elective Dem majority is capable of: Bush accepts Bolton's U.N. resignation. We're headed back to the same old internationalist corruption crap at warp speed. What a bummer.


terrye said...

From what I understand Chaffee is not any help either.

Well in truth the people out there who have been bitching and moaning about illegal immigration and porkbusters and how there is no difference are about to be reminded that there is one.

But I am not surprised. Bolton lasted longer than a lot of either people who had this job lasted. I think Bush knew when he appointed him that it might well end up like this.

David Thomson said...

The Democrats and their "realist" Republican buddies are doing enormous damage. We may not be able to turn the tide. France is already gasping for its final breaths. We could be in similar bad shape in another twenty years.