Monday, December 04, 2006
DIVERSITY DOUBLE-TALKIVY'S 'INCLUSION' EXCLUDES MILITARY By MATT SANCHEZ - New York Post Online Edition: Seven: "On the surface, Columbia is all for diversity (good, very good) and completely opposed to intolerance (bad, really bad). On any given day, eager undergrads can speak out for Starbucks employees forced to make coffee with non-ergonomic espresso machines, or call for the school to install non-gender-specific bathrooms.The administration? Well, I've heard Mary McGee, the dean of students, speak with great consternation about the need to be sure that no student populations were marginalized or excluded. To illustrate the point, she pondered changing all the doorknobs on campus to accommodate those with physical limitations who might literally be 'shut out.' She said that, to date, no student had complained about the smooth metallic doorknobs, 'but they should not have to'I figured that a dean so concerned about student inclusion would certainly look into a simple case of student harassment. You see, I had a problem: fellow student Monique Dols."


chuck said...

Funny, I got a call at work today from a Columbia student looking for pledges to the scholarship fund. I said that I was a bit reluctant due to the news I was reading about Columbia. "You mean the politics?". Hmmm, I don't think I was the first alumni to raise the issue. She then argued that the scholarships were for the students and not in support of the University per se. Now, that is certainly true, but I was still reluctant. I waffled, then told her I would revisit the usual scholarship letter they send out, and that was that.

So, what to do? She was correct about the students. On the other hand, how else can I make my displeasure known? If nothing else, I would hope the students themselves would put pressure on the administration and faculty to straighten up. I'm still conflicted. Next time I think I will ask if there is a special scholarship for veterans.

MeaninglessHotAir said...

Write a letter to the president and explain your thinking. Demand that ROTC and other military recruiting be allowed on campus. Why be shy about it?