Firefox Continues its Rise in Europe

Saturday, December 09, 2006

I'm glad to see my favorite browser making headway. Significant competition is good for the users, good for the Internet, and good for Microsoft.


Skookumchuk said...

I'm glad that the citizens of Tapiola, Ljubljana, and of the unforgettable Dubrovnik, along with the inhabitants of Castell Skookumchuk across the ocean, all have the same enlightened browser preferences.


Syl said...

I don't see anything enlightened about using Firefox. I use it because it's not as secure as IE and therefor easier to do the things I want.

I'm a home user, ie not in an office, so it's okay with me that anybody can sat down at my pc, click the Firefox icon and go to a site that requires name/password, purchase something, pay for it with my cc or paypal account, without having to go through hoops.

In IE it's much harder, in fact if I pay by CC I must enter my number every time.

Yes, I can make it harder in Firefox, but I chose to make it easy. I can't choose to make it that easy with IE.

Now, in case anybody gets any ideas re breaking into my home to try this out, my cc is a debit card and that account rarely has more than $25 in it. Paypal uses that same card. The stuff I purchase online is usually in the $1.99 to 2.50 range.

(I actually made a purchase for more yesterday. Something that cost $26. But that was because I had a voucher in that store for $25 earned because they accepted one of my renders into the DAZ artist galleries. ::bowing:: )


Sagacious Himself said...

I'd like a usage chart please on the usage (or discovery) of