Geriatric Cats

Wednesday, December 06, 2006
The Winn Feline Foundation - Health Article


David Thomson said...

Thank you for this link. Our family has four cats who are elderly. The information is much appreciated.

Syl said...

Appreciated here too.

My OCD (mild) cat is almost 17.

Still crazy after all these years :)

And, right on schedule, she found a Christmas ornament hidden in one of her secret places and is playing with it.

Neither Joe nor I are thinking about Christmas yet, but she is.

Seneca the Younger said...

Mild OCD sounds like a normal cat to me.

Knucklehead said...

A few days ago I put up pictures of the four critters who infest what I falsely flatter myself is my home.

(I didn't provide any captioning for those pictures, BTW, but they were taken in a roughly 60 second walk-through. All asleep in odd poses and places.)

The completely black cat that had tail and one hind leg hanging off a chair is 17+ yrs. old. I don't know how much more of him I can tolerate.

He's nuetered but has come and gone indoors or out pretty much as he pleases all these years. Now his eyesight is shot and over the past few months he seems to have lost all interest in the great outdoors. That's a bit of a shame since he was the only one of the three, even into his advanced years, who would protect the homestead from the neighbor's non-nuetered bully-tom. He could barely see the young whipper-snapper so he had to wait for him to get right up close, but old and scrawny and blind as a bat he'd have it on its back and submitting in a flash. Oh, but the screaming that goes on prior to that!

He was always like that though. If people were walking dogs - any size - he'd run out front to his property line and make it perfectly clear that they weren't welcome in his neighborhood. Same with other cats. No trespassing tolerated.

Indoors he was the most tolerant thing I ever had 'round the house. Sit in your lap or on your shoulder and purr forever if you'd let him. When our daughters were little girls they'd dress him in bonnet and doll dresses and plunk him into a toy baby carriage and walk him around. He never so much as hissed at them for it. I can't think of another cat I've had who wouldn't have ripped their lungs out for even thinking about inflicting such humiliation.

What's driving me nuts about the old thing is that he has developed a wailing noise that pierces every bit of nice-guy defenses I've built up in my half-century. He makes that noise, a lot, and at rapid intervals once he gets going, and it is a noise that makes me want to end the life of the thing making it. It is a reaction I can just barely control and if I'm in foul mood it's a close run thing indeed. If he weren't a living creature I'd have smashed him to dust long ago for no other reason than than horrible noise.