Pouring pyramids

Wednesday, December 06, 2006
The idea that the Great Pyramids were constructed, at least in part, using poured concrete seems believable to me (ht: Never Yet Melted). (At least as believable as the idea that aliens built them.)

The Ancient Egyptians built their great Pyramids by pouring concrete into blocks high on the site rather than hauling up giant stones, according to a new Franco-American study.

But the idea that these folks are doing studies about pouring massive amounts of concrete over sand is a bit unsettling if'n you aks me. Glad I don't eat in school lunchrooms anymore.


Fresh Air said...

Well, even if that is true, it doesn't explain how the outer sheeting (marble or limestone, I think; pillaged in years past) got there.

They still had to have a sophisticated lever system, ropes, pulleys, winches and lots of manpower.