Reason Magazine - Hit & Run > The Hidden Threat of Vaginofascism

Saturday, December 02, 2006
Reason Magazine - Hit & Run > The Hidden Threat of Vaginofascism: "The current vagoterror threat level is indeed severe. In our post-Vagina Monologues age, what 13 year-old-girl doesn't want candid pictures of her precious flower plastered all over the tabloids? What woman has not gazed upon pics of Lohan's womanhood and thought 'that could be me!' ?? As I write, thousands of skirted women are carelessly descending from SUVs, attacking innocent Americans who just want to get through a day --one day-- without having to gaze upon a stranger's shaved genitalia. Appeasement is futile; the only proper response to vaginofascism is total war. Wake up, America, before one more innocent life is lost to the scourge of Lohanian terror."