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Wednesday, December 06, 2006
Time to Laugh, Time to Cry - washingtonpost.com: "'You're either going to go down the path of self-destructiveness,' Pryor says today, chic in black high-heeled boots and a cape, her riotous ringlets flatironed into submission, 'or you're not. . . . Success is the best revenge; it's the ultimate ha-ha. Statistically, I should be strung out . . . but you won't see me in a hospital anytime soon.'

You will, however, see her strolling through the streets of Baltimore. She moved to Charm City two months ago, driving cross-country in her Toyota Prius, ostensibly to be closer to friends, but also to flee the city of her birth, Los Angeles, which was getting on her last nerve. Too much history, she says."