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Sunday, March 04, 2012

While looking through my Site Meter stats I was pleased to see the above query that led to my post I've burnished my Green credentials. It is good to see that I am finally being recognized for my self-proclaimed status as a Green Party mover and shaker. It's about time.

While that visit inspired me, it also humbled me. I realized that, due to my self-appointed leadership position among the Greens, it behooves me to instruct you peons on the proper way to live your lives. I realized that lately I have been somewhat remiss in such hectoring.

Previously I posted festive Holiday gruel recipes. As delicious as gruel is, I also know that you peasants like a bit of variation in your diet from time to time, so today I'm posting a recipe from Fuzziebutter's post Bad Recipe Wednesday: Pie Plate Salad.

Um... pay no attention to the "Bad Recipe" portion of that post title. I'm pretty sure that when FuzzieButter is using the word bad, they mean it in the slang style where the word means the exact opposite -- so in this case us hipsters and with-it folks understand that it really means "Good Recipe."

That confusion out of the way, a detailed description of the preparation of pie plate salad is at the link. The quick version: dump a can of veggies into some jello, chill it, and serve it garnished with a leaf of lettuce and some tartar sauce.

I know some of the organic gardener types will complain about the can of veggies. If so -- what, did you break both your arms? Quit whining and just chop up the vegetables yourself if you're one of those holier-than-thou foodie types. 

Pie plate salad


OMMAG said...

Well being a mover or a shaker ... beats being a tosser...............

talnik said...

What the heck is on that pie? Cheese Whiz?

ambisinistral said...

It is tarter sauce.

talnik said...
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talnik said...

Yeah, but it looks like it came out of a tube. Maybe it was squeezed out of the back end of a Tartar. But either way, you'd expect it to have more chunks in it.