Proof that I'm not very observant

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Yikes! As the fellow in the video so ably proves, it turns out that the Sun is setting in the north these days, which means it must be rising in the south. Seesh, I can't believe I never noticed. Talk about feeling stupid.

Anyway, from reading the comments accompanying the video, it seems that a lot of people have noticed that the poles are zooming all over the place as the Earth wobbles wildly on its axis. Thank God for YouTube, or I would have never known that astounding fact.


talnik said...

Bush did it

ambisinistral said...

That would explain the timing of this guy suddenly noticing the sun was setting in the north these days.

KurtP said...

Yeah, I guess dropping your magnetic compass on a metal handrail of a bridge made of thousands of tons of ferric iron wouldn't cause any deviation....Yeah- it's all Bush's fault!

Or global climate change.