Soviet anti-alcohol posters

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

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The Soviets Union was notorious for having problems with alcoholism. These are a series of old Russian anti-alcohol posters from 1929-1969. Even without being able to read the posters, their message is clear. It is also interesting that, for the most part, graphically they are a departure from the usual "heroic" style of Soviet posters we're familiar with.

There are more after the jump, and even more at Vintage Everyday where I found these examples. 


Anonymous said...

The first poster says " we dont drink with gay people"... which is nothing to do with being anti-alcohol, just plain homophobic.

sigurdas said...

The first poster is a modern remake of the old soviet poster. It does not advocate sobriety, it it a propaganda for a homophobic view.

Anonymous said...

I matched the letters to the Russian alphabet and put them into, which translates it as: "With faggots, do not drink!"

The original poster online elsewhere just says "HET!" meaning "NO!" The poster shown here is someone's hateful joke version.