When a picture doesn't tell the story

Monday, April 30, 2012
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Because pictures are of necessity cropped, it is easy for them to miss the real story. We've all seen the deceptive picture cropping that comes out of Pallywood. They, and other groups that do the same thing, do it to add drama to a picture to create a false narrative. 

The above picture is an example of the opposite. It's cropped in such a way as to suck the drama out of it, or perhaps more accurately in this case, to set up a punchline. It looks like a fellow with a ladder leaned against the wall to do a simple repair. You'll have to click on the "Read more" link below to see a version of the picture that is cropped differently, which tells a considerably different story in the process that shows the worker in a much crazier light. 

A much, much crazier light.

Below is a view of the lengths he's taken to do his work. The discontinuity in color is because I stitched two pictures together to give the full scene.

Via Today's Whisper.

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