David Frum's Diary on National Review Online

Thursday, October 26, 2006
David Frum's Diary on National Review Online: "[L]et me simplify:

Democrats may say what they please and do as they please - Republican speech must be carefully scrutinized for any hint of inappropriateness - and all Republicans be immediately called on to disavow anything anywhere done with less than perfect gentlemanliness & elegance.

Democrats may strike in any way they like - and may go sobbing to the media if they get back any portion of what they dish out.

And it works, because after all: in this game, the ref wears their jersey."


David Thomson said...

This is especially true when the Left slimes Republicans with race card tactics. They are cynically very well aware that such charges cause damage---even if false. The Republican candidate is always presumed to be guilty until proven innocent. George Allen's "maccaca" utterance would have been buried in the back pages if he were a Democrat. Instead, it stayed in the headlines for maybe one full month. A number of left-wingers claim President Bush’s signing of today’s bill to erect the wall between Mexico and the United States is racist.

Ed onWestSlope said...

I remember a Bill Cosby routine....
The Toss of the Coin
... something like ... and General Custer, Cus, is to be down at the bottom of the hill while " all the Indians in the world ride down on you".