Thursday, October 19, 2006


Knucklehead said...

Heh! I pointed to Wally first!

The fact that he uses his pebbles on a concrete base is somewhat troublesome but...

Ed onWestSlope said...

How many people are amazed at the accomplishments of the ancients. As if these 'primatives' were stupid or something. They lived in a world which most of our society would find difficult to survive in.

I see nothing in this man's demonstration which an old fashion water well driller, away from equipment, could not show them.

What I find interesting is the cooperation of quite a few people, who must take time out from hunting and agriculture(?) to quarry, dress & move these stones quite a distance and then erect them.

Rick Ballard said...


The principle works fine if you use nice flat chunks of basalt or granite at about a 3" thickness. 18X36X3 inch pieces would weigh about 180 pounds. Your very own portable road.

I used to work by myself in a little marble shop (at 16) handling 4'X9'X1 1/4" slabs. Hard dirt in the slab yard and rough concrete in the shop. Not a mechanical lift in sight - unless you want to call a single axle two wheel dolly a lifting device. Lots of fun with simple mechanics.

I'd bet they used oak rollers over an oak over dirt roadbed rather than the pebble though - lots easier and a two 4" oak will handle 25 ton blocks with no problem.

Rick Ballard said...


"lots easier and two 4" oak rollers will handle 25 ton blocks with no problem."