Cheering News From Iran

Thursday, December 07, 2006
Michael Ledeen reports that Supreme Leader Ayatollah ali Khamenei is going to become a very good ayatollah rather soon. While that's nice to hear, Ledden's report that
On November 27th, a military aircraft–an Antonov 74—headed for a military site near Tabriz crashed shortly after takeoff from Tehran. Nearly forty deaths were reported, including several top leaders of the Revolutionary Guards Corps, the country’s elite military organization. The dead included some of Khamenei’s closest allies and advisers, and their loss was a serious blow for him.
is even more cheering. I do not recall reading anything abouth this crash at the time that it happened. Perhaps I missed it but I generally pay close attention to Iranian air "mishaps". I like to think that it's our Special Forces giving democracy a boost in Iran.

Fox is reporting a decent sized student demonstration in Tehran. Perhaps news of Khamenei's impending departure is spreading?

UPDATE: The BBC and Reuters had some coverage of the crash but neither had the details concerning the people on board being of high rank.


CF said...

May the same people who maintain these planes, manage and maintain Iran's war arsenal.(I wish I thought we had a hand in this, but I unerstand the planes are quite old and Iran has trouble getting replacement parts.)