- Prometheus: That Didn't Take Long -- Misrepresenting Hurricane Science Archives

Thursday, December 07, 2006
- Prometheus: That Didn't Take Long -- Misrepresenting Hurricane Science Archives:
"To be clear -- I take no issue with Dr. Mann making an argument that reducing greenhouse gas emissions will reduce hurricane intensity. That is what he believes, and as a scientist conducting research in this area he is someone we should listen to. But when he characterizes the community's views as 'widespread' and 'increasingly' supporting his perspective, he has engaged in a mischaracterization. Mischaracterizations of science, by themselves, are perhaps of only scholarly interest. But when the mischaracterizations are used as tools of political advocacy they are no longer simply mischaracterizations of science, but instead, they are bad policy arguments.For scientists wanting to use the notion of consensus as a tool of political advocacy, they risk being perceived as inconsistent when their actions change when they are the ones on the outside looking in."


chuck said...

There is a name for this sort of movement: Lysenkoism. It is also like the old toothpaste commercials: nine out of ten doctors recommend. Which way it ends up being perceived by the scientific community is going to be interesting.