Rove - Signing Off or Signing Up?

Monday, August 13, 2007

There's a ton of drivel out there concerning his departure. Very little of it is worth the time expended to read the first paragraph. There is no political strategist comparable to Karl Rove operating at this time. George Bush was never a "dream" candidate. He lacks the 'Q' that made Reagan "beloved" rather than liked and his communication skills are notable more for their absence than anything else. In 1996 he beat Ann Richards, a popular incumbent, 52-47. Rove's strategy coupled with Karen Hughes communication efforts played a very large part in that victory, as they would again in 2000. In the interim, George Bush proved an excellent Governor and was rewarded by the people of Texas with a landslide victory in 1998, becoming the first Republican candidate to win re-election since Reconstruction. With the win over Kerry in 2004 Rove became the most successful strategist of the past forty years.

There's a chance that he might be hanging up his spurs but it's not a chance that I would lay any money on. Joe Trippi fleeced John Dean for $5 million in an effort that got a lot of wunderkind press but not one delegate.

I sincerely hope that the Dark Lord cashes in for a multiple of that $5 million number in 2008. And that he extends his win streak to 5-0, of course.


loner said...

W may not have been a dream candidate, but he was a dream boss. Rove is going on to his reward...years of telling a lot of people what they want to hear for the big bucks. Enjoy.

Luther McLeod said...

Great observation Rick. Another part of the 'master plan' perhaps. It would make a lot of sense, what you say. Bush doesn't need him for the next 18 months and there are several candidates who could use him. We'll see.