Starlings: twilight landing

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Amazing video of thousands of starlings settling in for the night. And here are photos of various starling flight formations .


Knucklehead said...

Birds can be downright cool. The little ones generally have to gather into flocks to accomplish that, but...

BTW, today I got to watch what I'm pretty sure was Momma or Pappa Osprey letting one of the Ospring know, in no uncertain terms, that it was time to find a new home. At first I thought it was just Ospring One and Ospring Two playing around but then I noticed the disparity in size and some pretty intense "messaging" from the larger bird.

It was pretty darned cool watching this "dogfight" - and that's about what it looked like. Climbs, dives, spins, loops, attacks... All over the place.

Knucklehead said...

Everything is going to the birds!

Nobody else seems interested but I am.

Today I was gandering My Personal Osprey Family, yet again, and noticed that one of them, presumably an Ospring (no idea which), was flying around with a much smaller bird (unknown vintage) chasing it.

This sort of thing is not unusual to see when hawks, owls, crows and such are the larger birds. I'd never noticed it with the osprey. I suppose that is because they normally present no danger to other birds. They eat fish nearly exclusively.

After a few moments the smaller chase bird broke off the chase. The osprey immediately came around again and provoked the smaller bird into chasing it again. I swear the dopey thing wanted to play. Maybe what I saw yesterday was just play as I initially thought.

BTW - talk about mumbling into the dark! Where is everybody anymore?

chuck said...

Hi knuck,

I suspect everyone is off on vacation or doing other things. Most bits about the war and politics seem to be out of our hands at the moment.

Yeah, I think birds do play. A friend of mine relates watching a falcon dive bombing ducks just for the heck of it, wasn't going for the kill or anything. He said he could practically see a smile on its face.

Luther McLeod said...

Oh I'd have to say for sure birds play (well, maybe at least have fun). We had huge flocks (150 maybe more) of pigeons that would gather around our old barn. Come evening they would do nothing for 45 to an hour but fly as a flock, cutting great swaths through the sky. Figure 8's, loops, rolls, all as one. Then again maybe it was just one big flying lesson for the little ones.