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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Personal jet-packs (finally!) for sale.

The BBC's Brain Story is available for free download.

"He has no idea what it's like out there!"-dot-mp3.

Overview of biodiesel and petroleum lifecycles.

Growing perfect crystals.

10 of the best natural phenomena.

Everybody wants prosthetic tails on their real heads. (Apologies to They Might Be Giants.)

Why open source works.

Heretical thoughts about science and society.

Biodiesel vs. renewable diesel.

10 tips for keeping the peace.

The beginner's guide to lock-picking.

Flexible, biodegradable batteries from carbon nanotubes.

The idea generator.

More than 60 resource sites for college students.

Europe's cheap hotels reviewed.

The world oil supply is still lagging demand in a "worrisome way".

The world's largest, most sophisticated people-tracking network.

Crowd farming.

How to solve the traveling salesman problem—use optics.

Renewable gasoline.

Update: Crystals link fixed. Thanks, Luther!


Knucklehead said...

Biodiesel is an all around good deal, especially for fleet work. Time to invest in biodiesel. Renewable diesel also sounds interesting. I believe there's room for both in the market, especially at $2.80+/gal. When we see large fleet carriers converting we'll know it's come of age.

The heretic is interesting.

Nice to know that folks still work on the traveling salesman problems. We'd still be sending smoke signals or yodeling from mountain tops if there weren't legions of geeks who loved the traveling salesman problem.

Luther McLeod said...

Good selection again MHA. The China surveillance item makes me appreciate this great country. Though the left thinks we far surpass them in monitoring. The idea generator is neat. Dyson will be some interesting reading. Alas the 'perfect crystal' link is inop.
What a beautiful laugh she has.

Rick Ballard said...

The Dyson piece is excellent. His anecdote concerning Crick should be in the forward to any science text.

Peter said...

I guess, in coming years Bio-diesel going to rule in energy sector. I prefer Bio-diesel from Jetropha, since it is economical and pollution free than any other method and raw material...
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