Carter and Jesus

Monday, February 04, 2008
AmSpec Blog: "I was mocking WHY Carter thought the offer was so deviously attractive. And mostly it was because, as the quoted section clearly shows, Carter wagers Jesus would have enjoyed a chance to be like the 39th president, i.e. building Habitat for Humanity houses in Israel, fighting for the little guy, etc. In turn Carter would have had a solid endorsement of his domestic policies when the people failed to understand his brilliance in the future. So much for Jesus’ “singularity,” although having a 2000 year reprieve from a Jimmy Carter-like figure ruling the world is probably the most convincing argument I’ve seen yet for the existence of a Supreme Being. In Everything to Gain Carter talks about having to lean on God to get him through watching what Reagan was doing to the country--his great Commiserating Buddy in the Sky, this is part and parcel of Carter's much-heralded faith."