The truth about Castro - The Denver Post

Friday, February 22, 2008
The truth about Castro - The Denver Post: "Cuba features a universal health care system, a minuscule 1.9 percent unemployment rate, near-total literacy, complete political 'unity' — and hundreds of thousands of people ready to risk their lives to get the hell out."


Knucklehead said...

"Supermodel Naomi Campbell claims that Fidel Castro is "a source of inspiration to the world.""

I don't pay enough attention to know which of the "looks good on camera" Steamin' Hot Babes that was so I looked it up. She's this one.

Mind you, I have HUGE empathy for this young woman. Turn an ankle anymore and life goes to hell in a handbbasket. I did well and good back in September and it ain't right even now - and I ain't mutherin the thing. Crimps one's style, big time.

But the girl's a bozo all things considered.