Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Yoiks! It's all in the database. The BBC has some sort of extortionate fee they slap on anybody who owns a TV to fund their programming. Above is an ad which is a threat that they'll hunt down any proles who are trying to duck paying that fee. I think the truly disgusting thing about it is that its makers probably understood just how totalitarian it looks.

BTW, the answer to the equation in my title is "whatever Big Brother wants it to be". Remember that in case you're ever caught in England without a properly licensed boob tube, or you might end up hauled off to Room 101 to get a rat cage strapped onto your noggin.

HT: Biased BBC


gumshoe said...

you'd imagine it was
the prank of some highly skilled you-tuber,if you didn't have brit friends and know some of the anecdotes about the tv license issue.

between the ubiquitous CCTV cameras and the mandatory tv license
not to mention the nationalization of childhood,Britain has an uncomfortable resemblance to several of Orwell's distopian fears.

odd that the tv license issue persists in spite of(perhaps because of) competition and alternate news sources via the Internet.