Wednesday Links

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The end of the End of History—the rise of the new autocracies.

Scanners that see through clothes.

Can he fix your soul?

Ho hum—dull jobs do dull the mind after all.

Benevolence in business?

The end of Russian space tourism.

"It's the spring-time, and the gators are jumpin'".

It will take a village to shake her off.

60% British Britain and half German?

Armchair warriors bravely battle carbon emissions.

The race margin.

Eating breakfast cereal instead of aborting your daughters.

"Three hundred thousand dead in Darfur-O."

Gas prices deconstructed.

Introducing flaptor.

Leaving Greenpeace.

Latent semantic analysis, in Python.

Are cheerleaders cricket?


Luther McLeod said...

How does anyone take Ms. Dowd seriously when she writes crap like this...

"with the comically oblivious President Bush shimmying around New Orleans — the city he let drown — and Condi sneaking into Baghdad as rockets and mortars hail down on the Green Zone, beating the Republicans should be a cinch.

Rhetorical question.

MeaninglessHotAir said...


I don't take her in the least seriously, and I find her very funny as a result.

Luther McLeod said...

Sorry MHA... did not mean to imply that you personally had taken her seriously. And you're correct, humor is the best antidote when reading her.