The New Seven Deadly Sins

Thursday, April 10, 2008
PJ O'Rourke reports on the Vatican's new list of sins, much needed now that the Old Seven have been converted from vices to virtues: Pride is now Self-Esteem, Greed is now Good, Sloth is now Relaxation, Lust is now Fullfilling Sex, Envy is now Dreaming Your Dream, Gluttany is now Exercising Gourmet Tastes, and Anger is now Speaking Truth To Power. (ht: Arts and Letters Daily)

The Vatican, by the way, has gone batty with this. What a bunch of New Age Nonsense.


chuck said...

Ah, sins for the ages. It is good to see that the Vatican is giving up the goal of saving souls and instead is gorging itself at the trough of European political group think.

Knucklehead said...

ain't it though! Is no one serious about anything anymore?