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Sunday, April 27, 2008

The 50 best cult books.

Where's the rice?

Donald Knuth speaks.

29 Soviet posters.

Hardy Heron released.

Microbes making biofuels.

Watching your brain to predict when you will go wrong.

30 electric car startups.

How Gate 14 sees the world.

Nanoparticles heal.

Let 'em have computers and the next thing you know they're blogging.


Luther McLeod said...

Entertaining reading on the 'cult' books link and comments. I was 21 for 50. Not sure what to think about that.

That's good news on the Cuban bloggers. I wasn't aware of their success at having their voices heard. That can only be a good thing, I feel.

I could use that 'error prediction' helmet for most of my everyday life. Though seriously, I can see great utility for such a device in certain professions. Science is amazing isn't it.

Interesting piece by Noonan too. Though I think she is harsh on Bush. But her thoughts on airport security very apt.

chuck said...

The Knuth interview was a good one.

chuck said...

I was 13/50 on the "cult" books, two more started and not finished, and a couple that I really should get around to.

loner said...
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loner said...

It's 29+ for me as I've as yet not made it through Gravity's Rainbow. It's interesting that they describe the books as "best cult" instead of "most venerated modern" which I'd say is what it is the makers are actually listing. That they managed to not include Kafka, Nabakov, Davies, Orwell, Robbins, Kesey and Burroughs, to name but a few prominent post-Ulysses authors who wrote cult-inspiring books, and still managed to come up with a better-than-average list is pretty amazing.