Call me crazy, but...

Friday, August 29, 2008
...regarding the Palin experience issue; do the Democrats really want to be running their Presidential candidate against the Republican's Vice Presidential candidate?

I've been increasingly impressed by the tactics of McCain's campaign, and his choice of Palin, while it certainly carries risks because of the national stage is so much larger than the Alaskan stage she's operated on to date, seems like it has netted a lot of positives for him.

As I said in opening, the Democrats seem oblivious that, while jumping on Palin's inexperience as an excuse for Obama's inexperience, they have been maneuvered into comparing their candidate against McCain's running mate? I can't imagine the Republicans ever wasting their time contrasting McCain against Biden in an attempt to try to score points. Such a comparison always diminishes the head of the ticket.

Secondly, as I read the blog comments today, the Republican base seems positively giddy and delighted by her selection. McCain did what Obama did not do with Biden -- McCain energized his base. This was of course important to him, since his base was less than enthusiastic with him so far. It looks like he's got a lot more troops in the trenches now that Palin is on board.

Considering Hillary being shoved out the door by Obama, the choice of a woman was also a very good move. The Democrats seem to be conflating feminism with women in general to try to diminish her, and that too is a mistake in my opinion. The Republicans will never get the feminist wing of the PUMAs, but many women do not primarily identify with conventional feminism. Many women are bound to be impressed by what she's achieved, and diminishing those achievements to diminish Palin will not play well with them.

Finally, today's announcement scuppered any lingering buzz from Obasma's acceptance sppeech.

Of course the final tally of McCain's choice of Palin will depend on how well she performs in the arena of national politics, but so far she seems to have been a solid and clever choice.


chuck said...

Go read Kos or HuffPo, they are going nuts. And I don't think the non-stop misogyny and belittling is going to play well in the US at large. What? You think it can stay hidden? With the MSM in the tank and, frankly, not much different from those sites, all sorts of crap is going to be oozing out. It ain't going to be pretty and it ain't going to be good for the Democrats. Nor the MSM either.