Tuesday, August 26, 2008
Jaime Irons asked for my thoughts regarding polling and the election the other day and this post is a response.

I cannot do better than Jay Cost did on the 22nd with regard to polling. There is no trend. Add Rasmussen to the Gallup results and the answer is the same.

So. What's going on? In my opinion, the malleable portion of the electorate, the inchoate Muddle, has steadfastly refused to be drawn into the political drama this year. The 24/7/365 campaign mode just isn't exciting enough to hold the electorate's attention. Factor in the drop in the main stream media's reputation, plus its drop in readership and viewership levels and "flat line" polling makes even more sense.

When I look at the coming election, my thoughts turn to Bill Clinton and his grabbing a candidacy which no one (in 1991) wanted to tackle, due to the conventional wisdom concerning George H. W. Bush's extraordinary popularity following the first Gulf War. That same lack of desire manifested itself on the Republican side this time with McCain taking his best shot because his age made it his last shot.

Accross the aisle, Hillary Clinton seriously underestimated both her unpopularity among Democrats and the resources available to her opponent. MoveOn made good on its boast to have purchased the Democrat party by mobilizing the ACORN/SEIU elements which Dean had successfully used in the 2006 election to pick up 12-16 seats which the Republican's failure to deal effectively with ethics issues had left vulnerable. The ACORN/SEIU thugs were very successful in the caucus states this year, beginning in Iowa and putting the race effectively out of Clinton's reach on Super Tuesday.

In my opinion, the outcome of the election will depend upon the inchoate Muddle learning the answer to the question posed in the title. If they come to realize that Obama was selected by Bill Ayers in 1995 as a front man for the theft and misuse of funds meant to improve the atrocious schools in Chicago, then John McCain will be sworn in in January. If the media and the Copperhead faction of the Democrat party succeed in concealing the fact that Obama owes his "career" to leftists and slumlords like convicted felon Tony Rezko, then there is a good possibility that Obama will win.

That's not the cheeriest of news but there are signs that the coverup of the Ayers/Obama relationship is beginning to unravel. As you read about Obama's role in the Chicago Annenberg Challenge please remember that he assumed the presidency and chairmanship of CAC in roughly the same period that Ayers hosted a cocktail party celebrating his "entrance into electoral politics". That isn't a coincidence. Nor is Obama's reluctance to highlight the only executive experience to be found in his entire brief but lackluster life an oversight.

UPDATE: of course, I could have just linked Barone. If I had read him first. Serendipty is always serendipitous.


Knucklehead said...

Interesting, Rick. (Where ya been? As if it is any of my business.) My Better Two Thirds will vote in the US for the first time this year. She's no fan of McCain (nor am I for that matter) but she says Obama makes her nervous 'cause "someone is pulling his strings - he's a puppet."

There's just no good way to 'splain the Daley machine to her that I've figured out.

MeaninglessHotAir said...

Nice post, Rick! Thank you.

Rick Ballard said...


There is so much commentary on the net now that I find it difficult to add even minimal value. I might do something about the abuse and manipulation of statistics with regard to immigration, AGW, Peak Oil and housing but it's difficult because the algorithms which distort the "facts" simply aren't available for public dissection. Immigration has practically disappeared as an issue due to its promoters (PEW in particular) having totally misjudged its impact. Now all I see is a rowback by Census (willingly duped by PEW) and talk of "a surprising drop". They know they have to get a few more million off the Census projections prior to being made complete fools by the 2010 data. Dear Mother Nature is doing the same thing to AGW, now morphed to Climate Change and getting ready to shift to the Coming Ice Age phase.

I appreciate your difficulty in trying to explain the Daley machine. I was fortunate in only having to explain US big city politics to Italians. The word "Mafia" was enough to do the trick.

Obama is a puppet, IMO. He was selected for his malleability and because his record is so sparse that linking him to the Gramscian affinity groups tied to the Alinsky org in Chicago is difficult.

It's coming out but the electorates well placed mistrust in all media makes me a little concerned about enough people being reached.

We're living the Chinese curse at the moment.

Karl said...

The Barone Update explains the Chicago Way pretty well.

Rick Ballard said...


Yeah, it does. It also surprises me that Barone put that much effort into an explanatory piece concerning how Obama made his bones. He didn't delve too much into the Palmer knifing or Emil Jones' promotional efforts when he had Obama under tutelage but he sure connected the dots on Ayers. My feeling has always been that Barone focuses very tightly on explaining the meaning of particular aspects of polling and politicians shaping message to suit demographics. This piece is as close to outright full partisanship as I can remember.

Maybe he feels as queasy about this commie as I do?

John Lynch said...


Good to see you post occasionally. It has been a while.


chuck said...

That Ayers is a professor of education is a sad commentary on power of political connections and the spoilage of academia. I don't see that he has any qualifications beyond family and nutty communist ideology.