Sunday Links

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Get a plasma drive engine.

The triumph of the totalitarian will.

Ideas are just a multiplier.

Chain lightnin'.

86 wives.

Is schizophrenia a byproduct of brain evolution?

Big-time pandering.

What men have to do for love.

Paternalism is back.

Why you buy the rug.

The best man in Washington still going strong.


Sissy Willis said...

You may want to check with Manolo, but some say the cause of craziness may be not in our heads but in our feet. From

Researchers from Sweden had presented a report saying that wearing high heels may be associated with //higher incidence of mental disorders like schizophrenia etc.

Jarl Flensmark says high heels cause their wearers to tense their calves in a way that normal walking never does. That could prevent neuro-receptors in the calf muscles from triggering release of dopamine, a compound necessary for mental well-being.