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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Conway (the inventor of the Game of Life) has proven: even the slightest amount of free will implies inherent indeterminacy in the universe.

Beavering away to kill the queen.

Not your father's cartoon.

Not your father's Kosovo.

Magpies can recognize themselves.

Echoes of Berlin, 1936.

How to teach an old rat new tricks.

The future of elections.

Rebellion of the slave ants.

What to do in the Twin Cities when you're dead.

Charging the cartoonists.

Why gay genes exist.


Knucklehead said...

Slave Nanny Ants From Hell - K-E-W-L.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Knuck, what happened to the ospreys?

Knucklehead said...

Haven't been putting the appropriate effort into monitoring them this year, Skook. I'm surprised I haven't seen ospring testing, or getting ready to test, their wings. The issue is mostly that I don't spend the early AM time necessary to witness this stuff - my mutt has gone wierd on me and won't walk in the mornings (sumpin to do with temps and threat of t-storms). So I just ain't there when I should be.

There's an oddity, though, that I've noticed but can't be certain of. Earlier in the season I mentioned that there were 2 males after the single female. I don't think the loser ever really left the scene. Can't find where he's living but he sure seems to hang out a lot. Makes me wonder if Mama 'Sprey ain't having some housework done while Papa 'Sprey is out fishing.

OMMAG said...

Fed up with parochial broadcasters dictating your take on the Games? Head online for a fresh perspective..

I found this in the Times while following your links ..

The Web can set the Olympics free ..?