Friday Links

Friday, August 29, 2008

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McCain's golden opportunity.

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Putin: Da Bush made me do it!


Knucklehead said...

Re: McCain's golden oppt'y... Palin is a BOLD pick. Way above my political analytical skills to say whether it is a good or bad pick, but it is B-O-L-D.

I suppose I should say I don't know nuttin' about the lady other than the newsie kinda stuff that's hit the airwaves over the last few hours. Have never seen a TV pic or heard her voice.

The ONLY commentary I've heard up close and personal was a coworker who thought it was the end for McCain 'cause he picked a lightweight and a woman. Idunno. Maybe.

I have a suspicion rattling around in my empty skull that she may pick up a ton of we want "change" (no matter how nebulous that might be) vote that might have gone to Obama not because he's preferred but just "different". I'll observe over the next few days.

As I said, to me she's "sight unseen" but if I were a betting man I'd bet that she'll up votes from people like my wife. She's stuggling to figure out what to do in this current election mess. McCain is too... something. Obama is too... something. Biden is too... something. And now Palin. This election just got WAY more fascinating that I thought it would be.

Bold freakin' move, John. Bold freakin' move.