All these protests and marches

Tuesday, May 02, 2006
Thousands of protesters and marchers all around the country for or against various aspects of the immigration issue and nobody noticed...

not one car was torched.

Just sayin'

I love America!


David Thomson said...

Are you hinting that the French don’t have their act together? How can we forget that France is a egalitarian nation where everybody loves each other? We Americans are supposedly racist and violent. Heck, we can even legally own guns.

terrye said...

I think she is hinting at the fact that the marchers behaved themselves.

But not to hear Michelle tell it. Doing what she does best, she is spreading hate with a few pics of people carrying stupid signs.

Oh well, at least she is giving Dubai a break.

I did read one paleo commenter over at Poli wondering gleefully how low Bush's numbers would go after the march. BDS strikes the right.

Sometimes I just get tired.

Syl said...

I haven't been to Poli since the election I don't think. Sad to hear they've turned against him. The admiration those commenters had for Bush was quite stunning.

Yes, I was hinting that the demonstrators behaved themselves, but also to the larger point that here in America we, all of us, illegal immigrants too, protest with words not violence.

s said...

Back in my day, we had Rebellions and Revolutions. We'd kill men who would tax us. We did it for liberty and freedom. These immigrants don't know freedom and it shows.

(Thus spake the long-dead Founders.)