Future Movie, Circa 2012

Friday, May 05, 2006
The recently released Sand Castles starring George Clooney, Susan Sarandon and the Dixie Chicks, produced by Tim Robbins, reveals life in Baghdad after the fall of Saddam through the eyes of members of the American diplomatic corps. Terrorist bombings and Iraqi on Iraqi violence are depicted in graphic detail. The movie's thesis is that the US forces were not aggressive enough in putting down the violence and were too sensitive to the Sunni insurgents, hoping to get them to drill the oil for nothing. This is seen as all Bush's fault with help from Don Rumsfeld. When the Americans do act with force, it is always in the wrong way or aimed at the wrong people and ignored the presence of al Qaeda in Iraq from before the war.

The movie suggests that the US rebuffed offers of assistaance from the international community because members of the Carlysle Group wanted to keep all the oil for themselves. The US cyncially manipulated the media to make it appear that no European countries wanted to help us, when they actually want to help and "do the right thing" if Bush had not cynically told Chirac and Schroeder to "stay the f*ck out of Iraq."

During an interview promoting the film, Clooney argued that the conservative MSM had prevented Americans from learning about the atrocities committed by Saddam's regime and had helped prevent the US from taking the necessary action that President Clinton bravely wanted to take in 1998. He stated, "I would have supported President Clinton in 1998 to remove this heinous regime and provide relief to the demoralized Iraqis. But the Bush Adminstration went into Iraq for the worng reasons and squandered the good will of true humanitarins such as Robert Fisk and George Galloway." Tim Robbins, added, "Liberals were always for the removal of Saddam, but unfortunately had to prod the Bush Adminstration to 'do the right thing' in order to oust this evil man."


David Thomson said...

2012? Try 2007. I can easily imagine the leftists trying to engage in a little historical revisionism. Iraq is likely to be perceived as a success in the relatively near future. The murder totals have dropped considerably this year. Things continuously seem to be getting better.

Barry Dauphin said...


But it will take at least a few years for the Hollywood types to negotiate the contracts for the lunch wagons and trailer sizes for the stars!

vnjagvet said...


I don't know if I will live to see 2012, but this sounds like the perfect vehicle for a John Wayne comeback, and I would hate to miss it.

He will play Wesley Clark charging into a 2007 Baghdad suberb, leading a French Foreign Legion battalion rooting out and single- handedly neutralizing Zarqawi and Muqtada al-Sadr. Despite the opposition of eeeeeeevil Bushies and the Repug minority in Congress, Clarkie got a special CIA deputization, sanctioned by the Schumer/Pelosi Congressional majority and pulled the Iraq situation out of the fire.

Rick Ballard said...

Substitute the "Che Guevara Freedom Brigade" for the FFL and I think you've got it. All soldiers in blue helmets - except for Clarke, who wears a blue beret with matching ascot.

Zarqawi and Sadr are tried in the Hague where both expire of old age prior to the defense beginning its case.

vnjagvet said...

"Suberb"="superb suburb".

But of course, you knew that:>}

terrye said...

And don't forget to add the 'my way or the highway' base who sat home in 2006 to send a message and allowed a brave Democratic majority in Congress to win back both houses and bring the criminal Bush regime to justice.

Syl said...

I think they are going to confuse their own side with this. LOL

See, there's more than one storyline when you're making it all up.

Of course, the Bush Bad, Rummy Bad, will allow people to ignore the differences in versions.

This one won't win an oscar either.

corndog said...

The very survival of the left will hinge on their ability to "spin" Iraq.

If they don't succeed, then America will realize who REALLY has been lying to them all this time.