In Which Babalú Reads My Mind.

Monday, May 01, 2006
After a completely appropriate discourse on the glories of a Cuban breakfast, Babalú gives us his take on the May 1 demonstration. He isn't happy. I am amazed at how ungrateful some immigrants are to this country. My family came here with nothing but the clothes on our backs, a couple of suitcases each, and the stuff we could hide from Fidel's goons.

God Bless the United States of America.

Sí Señor. Who said 19th Century style screaming eagle patriotism was dead? Not on my block. Or Babalú's, either. Damn. Where's that Sousa CD?


chuck said...

Must say it warms my heart to hear babalu express those sentiments. What American could resist? Hmm, yep, *that's* a political strategy that would work wonders. It's curious that the Mayday organizers didn't think of it.

babushka said...

Another factor I haven't seen mentioned. A Mexican woman came to our Texas clinic today, having driven up from San Miguel, saying she wasn't sure we would be open, it's Mexican Labor Day. That is, the demonstration was scheduled to celebrate a Mexican holiday, with coincides with the old USSR May Day.

s said...

"...the old USSR May Day..."

which originated in Chicago.

terrye said...

Yes, in 1886 340,000 Americans walked off their jobs.

I don't think all those folks were ungrateful. But I do think that demonstrations like that are often counter productive.

But you know what? It is not easy to compare immigrants from Mexico and Cuba. After all we treat the people from Cuba like refugees and the people from Mexico are called criminals by a lot of people.