Just for you, Syl

Thursday, May 04, 2006

The one on the left just hangin' out was sitting there laughing at my buddy and me. Why? Our women had taken "mistakenly" departed with the keys to the "other" car and left us to walk our way out. He just sat there lookin' at us and said, "You dopes let the women get away with the car keys, dincha?" Not a great picture but I was hindered by perspiration and thoughts of revenge.

The second one, on the right... a supple, muscular sort you ladies might admire ;)

And, yes, they wander pretty much where they please. One need only go about one's business with an eye out to spot 'em. Haven't spotted chillun' hitchin' a ride on mama's back yet. At least not this time.


Barry Dauphin said...

Touch my Monkey

Dieter: Would you like to touch my monkey?
Guest: I would be honored to.
Dieter: Touch him! Love him! Liebe meine abschmenkee!
[Guest shakes hands with Dieter's pet monkey]
Dieter: Now I am as happy as a little girl.

Syl said...

Knuck!! Thank you for taking more monkey pictures! These guys can be funny and graceful at once.

Heck---I'm sure you needed the exercise. don't get too mad about the keys.

But just one question, why did you name the first monkey 'Syl'?