Another Ruthless Republican Plot

Tuesday, October 03, 2006
Heartless capitalists pushed the Dow Jones Industrial Average to a record trading high today in a desperate effort to draw people's attention from falling oil prices umm record construction spending no, that's not it falling jobless claims nope declining mortgage rates the war in Iraq.

It won't be enough because today's high will not be reflected on the millions of IRA and 401K quarterly statements that will be mailed within ten days. Those statements will instead reflect Friday's close which was the second highest ever lower.

Noted economists Brad DeLong and Paul Krugman both professed a sense of extreme unease at today's stock market results which is best expressed by DeLong's statement that "Crap, this is gonna kill us in November." "Current market highs appear to be unsustainable based upon the static models used by all thinking economists."


David Thomson said...

Everything is starting to fall apart for the Democrats. And 2006 may very well be their last realistic chance. The demographics favor the GOP in 2008 and beyond. Only the hard core leftists will make it a point to vote. The more moderate Demnocrats will likely stay home because of the growing health of the economy.

CF said...

Riotiously funny, Rick.

(a) I have been watching the right's reaction to the Foley matter and believe the tide is turning.
(b) Redstate has a good post on the Irey-Murtha contest. She's closing the gap and has the momentum.

Fresh Air said...


That should be stinking economists, not "thinking."

terrye said...

Economists? We don't need no stinkin' economists.

Rick Ballard said...

Well, if we ever do need stinking economists then DeLong and Krugman are the cream of the crap.