Do you Deserve to Lose?

Tuesday, October 17, 2006
This is the question Rush Limbaugh asked on his radio show. This is one of the few times I agree with Rush.

The term GOP premortem, I don't know who used it first, but a couple of other bloggers and stuff just think it's cool and they're all slapped -- not all, two or three of them slapped it up. They think it's really cool. One of them is I know is Glenn Reynolds. What's his place? Instant Pundit? I'm not sure, but here's his analysis: "If the GOP Goes Down, It's Because It Had It Coming." Once again, let me ask: if the Republicans win, is it because they had it coming? What kind of a fool reason is it to suggest that if the Republicans lose, it's because they had it coming? Do Democrats have nothing coming? Why is it that we still can't focus on, beyond me and the USA Today columnist who picked up this thread, why is it that we can't focus on what happens to the Democrats if they lose?

You know, the Republicans are expected to lose. The way the bar has been set it really isn't going to be news, is it? If the Republicans lose, because that story is already been written, and it continues to be written every day. But if the Democrats lose, then is that not a huge story? It seems to me that people that have an interest in the outcome of events ought to be looking at that side of this as well. I'm trying to take the lead on this, but this whole idea of a premortem and analyzing why the Republicans are going to lose simply because they had it coming? Even if you believe Republicans deserve to lose, let me ask you, do you deserve to lose

I have to admit I am getting fed up with certain bloggers.

Micky Kaus and polipundit on immigration. Who is in more trouble of losing right now Santorum or Specter? How did they vote on the issue of immigration? Need I say more?

Malkin on Katrina and Dubai. Well when it comes to being unhinged who can hold a candle to pretty little Michelle? The truth is CNN's coverage of Katrina was as fair as Malkin's was and her initial reaction to Dubai did not change even when it became apparent that she was just plain wrong.

Glenn Reynolds and his little list that included everything from Harriet Miers to Terri Schiavo. Well the Right got their way on Miers and Schiavo is dead so why are we still yammering on about this? Is this really the best the great Instapundit can do?

Ed Morrisey on Foley. Well with friends like that who needs enemies.

This is taking too long. Suffice to say my point is that bloggers can be just as ready to jump in there and run off at the mouth without any facts as the MSM can be. They can exhibit malice and hubris and arrogance the same as any pretty boy newscaster. And they can be just as biased as well. Have these people really helped the process?


David Thomson said...

A realistic chance of the GOP picking up two senate seats is over. Dennis Hastert's inept handling of the Mark Foley mess is mind boggling to say the least. Nonetheless, the Republicans will still retain control of both houses of Congress.

Rush Limbaugh is brilliant. Republican leaders would do well to take his advice. Also, I'm sure Glenn Reynolds wants the Republicans to win. He just wants to give them a hard time. The Instapundit clearly fears Nancy Peolosi in the role of House leader.

Knucklehead said...

I share your frustration, Terrye, about this propensity to turn the petty into the ponderous for no more reason that the perfect is not at hand. Yeesh!

BTW, Lexington Green over at ChicagoBoyz looks at this topic in Old, old news. With the exception of my own dubious contribution the small discussion ongoing may be interesting to you.

David Thomson said...

Thank God the Foley plotters wanted to hit a grand slam. They released the instant messages five weeks before the election---hoping the uproar would eventually cost the GOP a loss of 40-50 congressional seats. Had they settled for a single or double, holding the damaging IMs one week before the election, the Republicans would have lost both houses of Congress.

Rick Ballard said...

I would suggest that the level of vacuity of the Pajams pantheon should be measured by their adoption of "Porkbusters" as the sine qua non of political commentary. They're shooting for mediocrity and I believe that they have been extraordinarily successful in hitting the mark.

Find someone in favor of "wasteful government spending". What champions.

Aside from the fact that 98% of the electorate wouldn't know an earmark from an earwig, there is the not inconsequential fact that taking out an earmark has precisely zero effect upon the budget. Earmarks are about "where" not "how much".

I did not have particularly high hopes for Pajamas initially and I must say that all they have to do is triple their output in order to make it a quarter of the way to fulfilling my hopes.

"Making money" is not a principle.

MeaninglessHotAir said...

When I first started reading blogs (Andrew Sullivan) and then discovered Instapundit and Roger Simon, it was clear that something new was in the air and that it took itself very seriously. Instapundit took much time to push the idea that blogs were new, blogs were significant, blogs were superior.

They're not. They put their pants on one leg at a time like everybody else.

But the pretty-boy newscaster has a vast audience, something that most bloggers can't begin to approach. Most people still haven't heard of blogs. And the pretty-boy newscaster pretends to be disinterested, which he isn't. That combination of a vast audience and bias presented as The Truth is still doing the country a lot more harm than the Instapundits of this world.

David Thomson said...

I am against spending tax dollars on earmarked projects such as "the bridge leading to nowhere." We do indeed have a problem with government waste. Still, this is a relatively minor problem when one looks at the big picture. Increased transparency will ultimately take care of it.

Rick Ballard said...


I agree. What I find most troublesome is the lack of attention being paid to google and wikipedia by the blog champions. The intentional bias in the search engines (which are not functioning as they did when they first appeared) and the adoption of the Howard Zinn model of historical analysis at wikipedia do not augur well for a more informed population.

Alternatively, the availability and transparency of data provided by the government is a very positive factor.


Government is wasteful. Always, without exception and without remedy except at the ballot box. The deal about the 'bridge to nowhere' is that right after the bridge was built "nowhere" would have become "somewhere". That's what happens when a railroad or a freeway or a ferry or a bridge is built.

chuck said...

...the adoption of the Howard Zinn model of historical analysis at wikipedia

Well, as soon as any public endeavor touches on politics, and history is politics these days, thanks to Marx, all sorts of strange things are going to happen. So I take all the historical stuff in Wikipedia with a spoonful of salt. Much of it isn't very good or complete anyway, the traditional encyclopedias are better in that area, they just cost money ;) For technical stuff Wikipedia isn't bad, and for breaking news and technology Wikipedia beats the traditional encyclopedias all to heck. I guess the bottom line is, don't rely on just one source. That sort of skepticism is what the schools should be teaching, not the idea that truth can be found in some single blessed location.

terrye said...

The thing about earmarks is that one man's earmark is another man's necessary public works project. Everyone feels like government owes something.

And I think the whole Foley thing was blown so far out of proportion I really don't know how to respond to it. What was Hastert supposed to do anyway?Jefferson is still in Congress. I am sure Pelosi would just as soon he went away but I don't hear people balming her for what he did.

I am still pissed off at Reynolds for linking to that moron that called me a doofus. I was not even talking about Reynolds and the comment I made was not even combative.... and then some idiot takes my comment, misreads it [the semi literate moron] and jumps my ass on his blog without me even knowing about it. Reynolds linked to it knowing full well what a sneaky thing that was to do. He had to. It was petty for a man with a job and a book and a blog and podcasts and all manner of stuff to do. Took time out of his busy scedule to be a dick. I shall not forget it. I can be just as petty as anyone else. Don't think I can't.

so there.

Knucklehead said...


Reynolds linked to a moron who called you a doofus? Link, please. I really would like to see that thread. Screw the doom and gloom, porkbusting, fake numbers and such - fur flyin' is MUCH more fun.

The doofus stomped the snot outta the moron, right?

Why on earth would the Good Perfessor mess with Terrye, anyway? That's just askin' for some painful lumps.

Rick Ballard said...


Quick, while the anger is still there, fill your trunk with 'Hostettler for Congress' signs and plant them all over the district.

Luther McLeod said...


The thought just popped into my head, you would have made a fine Marine Corps Drill Instructor :-)

Knucklehead said...

Nobody talk to her until I get the LINK!

Rick Ballard said...

It's at the bottom of this gargle with a link to this.

loner said...

I listened to the last hour of Rush (I was some days a field tech in Bay Area traffic) on election day in 1994. Twelve good years, and, it's still possible, maybe a few more.

I remember watching the 49ers decline from afar in the late '90s. I'd hoped for 20 glory years, but, alas, there were only 18. C'est la vie. Reed and McNabb were in Philadelphia by then.

The best thing about the internet is the ability to link. These days my blog reading is limited to here, some of the sites linked here, and, occaisionally, blogs like Just One Minute and Belmont Club if I'm looking to be entertained. It's the comment free-for-alls which I still find fun from time to time.

Not to change the subject, but aren't you amazed that that Olmert guy is still Prime Minister in Israel?


Knucklehead said...

Thanks, Rick. No wonder I couldn't spot it. I like to go see what Instapundit is linking to but I can't wade through anything there that is that long.

The adults don't want Terrye (aka Doofus) telling them not to cut off their noses to spite their faces. Their feelings are hurt. They don't get the respect they deserve.

What a bunch of freakin' crybabies.

If I thought it was worthwhile, Terrye, I'd join the fray over there at "Freedom Folks". But I think you spanked 'em pretty thoroughly.

terrye said...

I thought about joining the military and I should have done it.

I would have enjoyed scaring the bejeezus out of a bunch of little whiney ass Daddy's girls.

Assholes and elbows is all I want to see! You cryin for your mommy??????

terrye said...


I have not been seeing very many signs out there for either guy until the last few days. Ellsworth has got some great big signs, Hostettler's are little. I wonder if there is some symbolism going on there.

Luther McLeod said...