Thursday, October 12, 2006
That's Tim Blair's headline on a post which draws a parallel between the decision concerning Minneapolis airport official's decision that multiculti tolerance had reached a limit and an International Herald Tribune article entitled Moderate Europeans losing faith in Islam.

Two swallows don't make it spring but it is nice to see the IHT acknowledge that Islam might be just a tad incompatible with progressive fantasy. The IHT piece is otherwise a typical progressive thumbsucker but there is just a teeny hint that giving muslims in Europe the boot may be necessary to maintain the multiculti delusion. The muslims in Europe might want to read up on the progressive's solution to the problem of the existence of Kulaks. Fooling around with progressive fantasy can be harmful to one's health.


Skookumchuk said...

Yes. When it comes down to a choice between Hans' six weeks of vacation or welfare payments for the Moslems down the block, we know what the choice will be...

truepeers said...

Even the NYT had a story yesterday on Europe's changing mood. What more proof do you need?

terrye said...

I have said before these folks like their lifestyles.

But the thing aobut Europeans that worries me is that they have two speeds, reverse and full throttle. I wonder if they will go too far in the opposite direction?

Peter UK said...

You have to realise that the people of Europe never wanted this from the start,this was simply a piece social engineering by the liberal leftist ruling elite.These are the ones who have noticed that they can be shredded on the Tube to their leafy Home Counties abodes.
Politicians have suddenly become aware that,there is,how shall I put it,a great deal of voter disenchantment amongst the natives,and quelle horror,they are the vast majority.

reliapundit said...

fyi: i had this on TUESDAY:

i tied it into sarkozy coming out against turkey's admission to the EU.

i agree with peter uk: "this was simply a piece social engineering by the liberal leftist ruling elite..."

The people will revolt and use vigilantism if their governments do not do what neds to be done.

sarko knows this, too.

chuck said...


I don't think it *started* as social engineering. There was a heck of a lot of work to be done in France and Germany back in the day. When I spent a summer working on a nursery up near Hamburg in 1965 the hours were long, 10 hrs/day, the pay wasn't that hot, the exchange rate was four marks/dollar, and almost all the workers came from Spain, Italy, and Africa. Clearly things have changed since then, with there being less work, more emigration, and better benefits.

Knucklehead said...


What capability for "vigilantism" do the unwashed Euro masses have? Is there really any chance that they would suffer the pain of actually fighting with a very large group of people who seem willing to engage in violence at an extreme and sustained level? What would they fight with? Which heads would their police crack?

I don't see that the Euro "street" has either the will or ability to slug it out with the Islamoids among them. Either the state does it or it doesn't get done and the state (states?) are clearly not interested in doing it at this point.

Peter UK said...

The destruction of national identity and the construction of a European supersate had its roots in WWI>the belief was that democracy and the nation state,especially after WWII were responsible for war.
It wasn't a shortage of workers per se,but as desire to keep inflation down,a subject of horror for Germany especially,so cheap labour was imported.A close examination of how the largest immigration in history was imposed against the will of the native population,reveals the casuistry of Europes rulers, this gives an indication of the depths that have been sunk to.
It is worth remembering that Muslims, for example number only two percent, of Britains population of sixty million,yet the drive to multiculturalism has been of enormous effort.Swathes of indigenous culture have been suppressed to achieve it,now the new idea is that it has failed ,something else must be tried.Oh yes,it was an experiment alright,by the same intellectual fadists who have damaged so many facets of Twentieth Century life.

gumshoe1 said...

i think it's a stretch for the multi-cultis to grasp,
but the YARGB crowd might appreciate this article:

Weaponizing Civilization:
The New Way of War
Written by Raymond Kraft
Saturday, August 12, 2006

Kraft decribes what many of us,
reading about Islam and the Quran,
have known for some time.

gumshoe1 said...

BTW,the link above was prompted by the "Two swallows don't make it spring" in Rick's original post.

the number of nations showing they are awake is still way too small,imo.

the number of recent articles pointing out the "death by a thousand cuts" KJI,the Chavistas,Ahmanutter,NoKo,
Putin,Hu Jintao,et al are all hoping for,also points out how many in the US are still sleeping.