Is Lancet impartial?

Saturday, October 14, 2006
Well not everyone thinks so.


truepeers said...

Well, I tend to believe that first impressions are mostly right and save you a lot of time. And when I saw the Lancet editor interviewed over this Iraq deaths story, I saw a face that was highly resentful and supremely smugly self-righteous at the same time. My first impression was very negative: he looked like a leftist activist sure that ends justify means and that he could do no wrong, no matter how inflated might be the study he was defending. Truth is power to these people and he was using his little power in the name of growing the truth that AMerica victimizes brown people.

Just my impression, of course; ad hominem does not constitute an argument, even when you are confident it's right!

Luther McLeod said...

A test.